Ruby Werman

Hi! I'm Ruby, a third-year computer science major at UC Berkeley. I'm interested in machine learning, human-computer interaction, and software development.

I'm currently a research apprentice at Goodly Labs. My work surrounds user experience and community development on Public Editor, a people-powered misinformation detector. This year, I've been selected as an Intel Undergraduate Research Program Scholar. Through this program, Intel sponsors my on-campus research while providing industry mentorship.

This summer, I'm part of the inaugural class of the Major League Hacking Fellowship, Powered by Github. As a software engineering fellow, I contribute to open source projects, currently Sci-Kit Learn. I am also a 2020 Birthright Israel Excel Business Fellow, which is a lifelong fellowship that engages Jewish young adults interested in making a tangible impact in business, tech, entrepreneurship, and the Jewish community.

In my free time I create augmented reality filters for Instagram, which have received over 300,000 views. I'm a huge cartoon fan and would love to be a TV writer on an animated series one day.



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